Good People

Daniel Levin

Daniel comes to film from TV journalism. Over the past three years he has directed six short films and has co-written and edited three documentaries with Marina Goldovskaya, all of which premiered at the IDFA Festival in Amsterdam. Daniel holds degrees in Political Science from Cornell University and Georgetown University and a MFA in Film Directing from USC School of Cinematic Arts. Daniel teaches film at the University of Houston.

Moshe Khusid

German born and Russian trained director Moshe Khusid has gained international recognition for his work on stage and screen. A graduate of the famous Leningrad School of Film and Theater, Moshe has directed over 60 puppet and live theater productions in Russia, Israel, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland and other countries. As a founder of the Interstudio Theater, his work was presented and recognized at festivals in Avignon, Toulouse, Lugano, Marseille, London, Lodz, St. Petersburg, Moscow and many others. Mr. Khusid's screen credits include over 20 documentary and made-for-television fiction films and multi-media projects. Mr. Khusid is a recipient of Grand Prix Awards at Avignon, Toulouse, and Athens festivals.

Michael Masterovoy

Michael is a producer and entrepreneur based in Moscow, Russia. Since 1992 his production company has made over 30 commercials and industrials. Documentaries that Michael produced have played at festivals around the world, including the Toronto Jewish Film Festival and the Moscow Human Rights Festival. His feature documentary, Brailov. Judenfrei, had a successful run on Russian TV. Michael holds an MA in Social Sciences from Moscow State University.

Kahlil Hudson

Kahlil is a Native Alaskan filmmaker and cinematographer. His recent clients include: Showtime, Discovery, History Channel, MTV, Yahoo!, Nikon Cameras, Telemundo, Interscope Records, MSNBC, Starz, and PBS. He shot the feature film Kumare which won the Audience Award at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival. Kahlil received his MFA in Film from UCLA and currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Mikiko and daughter Violet Sol.